The realistic traveller


It’s 6:30 pm on a Friday in Chicago, the city is becoming alive. As a 22 year old you’d think I’d be getting ready to go out and drink more than my body weight, however that isn’t exactly my life. I’m what we love to call an extroverted introvert. Any one who knows me knows I thoroughly enjoy my Netflix and wine nights because what person in their right mind doesn’t? Am I right ladies?

Now this blog isn’t about myself nor is it exactly just a regular travel blog. For starters I’m not an english major because I don’t exactly enjoy reading novels and writing extensive papers on William Shakespeare and his plays. So I apologize in advance to those who are going to edit the shit out of this, and say this girl needs to go back to school. Cause newsflash guys I’m still in school, broke as all hell, some how managing to deal with life as it comes while still have some fun.

Getting back on topic, my partner and I wanted to start this blog simply because we find there is one common denominator when it comes to travel blogs; they glorify travelling. Now don’t get us wrong, travelling is amazing but there are so many downsides that not everyone enjoys talking about. Simply because it can be extremely negative depending on where you are. In the about me you’ll find a little more about myself and eventually my best friend. To give you some basics, I’ve been on 5 of 7 continents, lived on a reserve in the heart of Kenya, nannied in Tasmania, travelled countries in Europe, been across Canada, adored the beaches of Columbia and the Caribbean as well been north south east and west of the United states. Am I saying I am an expert? no. What we are here for is to give our knowledge of the things we have experienced to hopefully help somebody else who may think travelling is completely glamorous when that is simply not the case.

Now if you aren’t bored of us yet feel free to keep reading, and if you are then that’s just too damn bad.





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