Expect the unexpected

Imagine its 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday, you’ve barely had a coffee, make up is slapped on your face, basically cue zombie mode. You just spent a week away and know your flight time, gate number, and flight number. Now imagine you get to the little kiosk to check in and it doesn’t recognize your name and says you’re not registered to be on a flight that morning. If you’re like me basically every alarm in your head starts to go off as hell is slowly breaking loose. This happened to me a week ago in Chicago, Illinois. I knew I had booked my flight before my trip even begun and that I had gotten a notification from the airline about check in time so there HAD to be some form of mistake. WELL thank goodness they tell you to arrive at least 2 hours prior because it turns out they had transferred me over to another airline, in an entirely different section of the airport and I had to take the tram. Which mind you if I had arrived even 20 minutes later I would have missed my flight (not always horrible if you’re on an island destination).

*side note if you’re like me and travel constantly between Canada and the US GET A NEXUS PASS, its the greatest thing EVER.*

By the time I finished getting my boarding pass I go to hand in my suitcase so it can go to the plane, and lucky for me I got upgraded (FOR FREE) to business class. Don’t get me wrong I’ve done my fair share of flying first class since there’s nothing more comfortable especially on a long flight, however no one in their right mind wouldn’t be stoked for it for free. Before I had been upgraded I had realized I had the aisle seat, being the dreamer I am I am obsessed with getting the window seat so I was totally bummed. Now when this magical woman offered me business class AND to get a window seat my day was absolutely made.

Getting mad and huffing about puffing about having to change terminals in the morning would have gotten me absolutely no where as I came to realize. Why do we waste all of our time stressing about things we can not control? 99% of our problems are out of our hands yet we spend all of our time fixating on every little detail. Yes it is hard not to quickly get angry, because it was sunny and now its raining, but the best things in life come after a storm. If the gate change hadn’t of happened I would’ve never gotten the seat I wanted and have the most amazing conversation with the person beside me. I even found out his daughter goes to school in the same city I live in. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes it is hard to not let things get to you especially if you’re quick to show your emotions like I am. Now in the event of a flu or travellers illness, there are ways you can try and avoid that as well. Doing your research on the country you are going to even if it is a first world country can point you in the direction of which vaccines to get, or which medication to pack if you don’t believe in shots.

When you’re travelling you always have to be prepared for the worst possible situation. That doesn’t mean you need to worry it will happen, it just means you need to stay calm and look for plan B. Your gate can change at the last second and you find yourself running through the Chicago airport like a crazy person trying to get to the gate (happened to me numerous times). On the way back from Paris my father and I’s flight was late getting into London and as a result we missed our connecting flight home. We knew we could’ve made it if we ran fast enough to the gate however, since the airport is so large Heathrow staff refused to let us try. Now that was frustrating. But in the end it resulted with us having more time to relax, enjoy a dinner and just took a flight home that was a couple hours later. As well the airline lost our luggage but was fast enough to retrieve it within 2 days. If you’re a planner travelling is nearly impossible to be stress free for you. You need to have the mentality that you’re going to make the best out of any situation and not to panic. By going with the flow and not being afraid to ask someone for help you’ll come out of any situation, and sometimes you’re going to have the best things come out of it.

You may not be able to prevent bad situations from occurring, whether its travelling or day to day life, but you can always adjust the direction of where it is going.


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