About US


So you may be wondering “if this is about them, why on earth is there a picture of the shire?” WELL it’s your lucky day cause I am about to break it down for you.

When I was around 17 I saw Lord of the Rings for the first time. Now some people think it’s just another war movie, but being obsessed with Harry Potter and seeing LotR, it was life changing. It began to shape how I was. When I was 5 years old I saw Steve Irwin for the first time. He was my everything, he grew my passion for animals. Before I was 10 I could tell you every detail about almost every type of dinosaur that had roamed the earth, and every single poisonous animal that was on the planet. OK that may be a little extreme, but I was pretty smart for 10. Animals and dinosaurs were my everything, and the people on animal planet gave me life. You may be wondering what the hell this has to do with HP and LotR but bare with me here I’m getting there.

By the time I had hit high school I had travelled to Florida, California, across northern USA and to a numerous amount of Islands in the Caribbean. It basically grew my obsession with travelling. I had always had my heart set on Africa and Australia, and nothing was going to stop me from getting there (literally). When I was 15, my dad took me to Europe for the first time. This is the point where I should probably mention I am a die hard Beatles fan.

When we got to England I thought there was no way in hell I would ever meet them (2 of them are dead anyways) and what the hell are the chances? WELL LET ME TELL YOU. When the last day of our England trip came, we decided to go to Abbey Road studios, and there was a security guard. So my dad went up to him and simply asked who was inside, while I was minding my own business reading all the beautiful lyrics written on the stone white wall in front of the old english building. Which resembled a house, not the mega corporation recording studios you may imagine. It was quaint and didn’t stick out. The windows had bars on them to keep psychotic fans like myself out. The security guard looked at my father and said “tell your daughter to have her camera ready” so of course I did. Now my world stopped in a split second. You imagine that moment what would happen when you meet your idol, and you picture that you guys would be the best of friends and live happily ever after (at least I did). Now that is NOT what happened. I broke down crying and everything stood still the moment my eyes laid on Sir Paul McCartney. Him and his family generously posed for pictures as my dad is yelling at me to take pictures, and I’m hysterically crying barely able to comprehend life. I literally almost died. It was the most magical moment of my life. After we left Abbey Road I was still in severe shock as to what had just happened, shaking, crying, laughing, beaming with happiness. Calling everyone I could have ever spoken to in my life to tell them the magic that happened (it was 4 am back at home my mom was so pissed). That night my dad and I took our chances on going to his concert, and we were unfortunately unable to buy tickets. Now the unthinkable happened. This random couple who have never met before came up to us and gave us free Hard Rock Cafe passes. We walked into the concert and stood 30 feet from the stage just in time for Hey Jude to perform. My father and I bawled our eyes out. From that moment on, I knew nothing was ever at random.

You may be wondering what the hell any of this has to do to intertwine with each other but I am getting there. Flash forward to the time I moved to college, I was 18. In a veterinary assistant program, discovering I could go volunteer in Africa. Now this was one of my dreams so I immediately took advantage of that. I’ll explain that story another time. 2 years later, I came across this app where you could nanny anywhere in the world, again that led me to the land of Steve Irwin, Australia.

All of these experiences I have gone through has been amazing timing but at the same time an intricate plan in order to give me the life I have always prayed for. Now nothing is perfect, and there are a ton of negatives that you will be reading if you continue on this blog past the fact I have just written a novel.

I do hope you give me a shot of explaining this all eventually, I mean maybe one day I’ll make some sense until then I hope you enjoy and maybe it’ll help!

Between the two of us, we hope you’ll have enough information to have an amazing trip of a lifetime smart, on a budget, as well aware of all the issues that can arise in a trip.