Top 10 carry on items

SO many times have friends travelled and someone didn’t get their suitcase, or something goes missing. When you arrive in the early morning to a Caribbean destination you often can’t check in because your room isn’t ready. So what the heck do you do? You unpack that amazing bikini you’ve been waiting to wear and get your ass to the beach!

ALWAYS have the following items in your carry on (in my opinion)

  •  Bikini if you’re headed to the tropics
  • Face wipes to remove make up or just to freshen up after a flight
  • Tooth brush, ya never know when you’ll have a gross smelling mouth
  • Laptop especially if it is a MacBook, cause no one has the spare change to replace it
  • PHONE CHARGER (obviously)
  • Change of clothes in case that luggage goes missing
  • The expensive make up in your collection (see MacBook point for explanation)
  • Headphones and a book (if you read)
  • A printed copy of your reservation at whichever hotel you’re going to and flight information as well, basically anything to prove you spent a shit ton of money to be there
  • Pony tail holders if you’re a girl because when the heck aren’t these needed